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High performance tires

LUSSIER Tires gives you the possibility to putt tires on your truck that are perfectly adapted to its features, its vocation and your operating budget. After having analyzed your situation with you, our tire experts for heavy duty vehicles, will suggest different possibilities, in order, to mutually arrive at THE optimal solution that will meet your unique needs.

Whether it be for new national brand tires, recap tires, imported tires, used tires, or for standard or special sized tires. Our wide range of choices assures you of finding what you need without any compromise.

LUSSIER Tires offers you a range of steel or aluminium, new or used rims of various models, for heavy duty or light trucks of all makes and models.

Managed for quite some time by Fernand Prévost, the LUSSIER Tires team is made up of experienced specialists that are dedicated to offering you quality tires and wheels, a professional and meticulous installation as well as a caring and efficient service.

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LUSSIER Tires, proud to be heavy duty truck certified, under the POINT S banner, gives you access to a wide range of known brand tires, with Continental and General Tire, heading the list.

Thanks to our purchasing power, our customers can take advantage of our competitive prices, as well as, of the competence of our network's seasonned experts in the heavy duty truck industry.


Authorized Ringtread Tire Systems (RTS) supplier, Lussier Tires, offers you the whole range or recap tires from this highly recognized brand as well as its attached services. Our specialists are perfectly qualified and trained to proceed with precision to the retreading of tires according to the highest quality standards.

In addition to safely offering the best performances, this range of tires also offers a very interesting purchasing price and has a positive impact on the fuel conpsumption of your vehicle.


Knowing the appeal for imported tires, because of their general low cost, Lussier Tires, by applying their quality control and evaluation process, makes sure to aquire tried and tested quality imported tires (ex. Jinyu, Rockstone, ect.).

Thereby, when driving with this range of products, our customers can enjoy peace of mind and still achieve their budget goals.


A large amount of quality used tires are in stock and ready to be delivered to you or be installed on your heavy duty truck.

Starting as low as $125 per unit, you can take advantage of unique opportunities, to adequately put tires on your truck, at a really low price. Furthermore, we also have in stock a large selection of used wheels of all sizes and models.

The wide range of products and possibilities that we offer, will allow you to choose your tires according to the operational needs of your company. Made strong by its solid expertise and using cutting-edge technology and equipment, our team does the installation of tires, on your rims and vehicle, on site.

LUSSIER Tires gives you peace of mind, whether you need to buy rims, tires, or if you need to rotate your tires or calibrate them or even just having a flat tire repaired, Lussier Tires is the logical choice to go back on the road quickly and safely.

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