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Vanbody / Equipment / Trailers

Are you looking for a vanbody or specific equipment for your truck?

You must definitely start your search at LUSSIER – Truck Center. We will most likely have what you are looking for. Start by checking-out our on line inventory and/or contact one of our representatives and you will surely find the vanbody or the specialized equipment that corresponds perfectly to the needs of your company.

Our inventory usualy consists of vanbodies and equipment for heavy duty trucks and middle sized trucks of different types :

  • Bucket
  • Refuse/Garbage
  • Tanker
  • Dry
  • Concrete mixer
  • Platform
  • Dumper
  • Spreader
  • Tow truck
  • Roll-off
  • Beverage

Various types of equipment for heavy duty trucks

  • Articulated crane
  • Stationnary crane
  • Generator
  • Compressor
  • Snow removal Equipment
  • Snow plow
  • etc.

Large quantities of quality parts to repair heavy duty truck trailers of all kinds.

Whether it is for a dry trailer, a flat bed, a dumper, a tank, a refuse, a concrete mixer, « roll off », beverage, container, carhaul, we have a vast inventory of parts in stock to repair all types of trailers for heavy duty trucks.

Furthermore if you are looking to purchase a used trailer that is ready to take the road to continue working with your heavy duty truck, you will be happy with the variety and quality of the products we have in stock. You will find everthing you are looking for at LUSSICAM Trucks, a division of the LUSSIER Group, which specializes in the sale of heavy duty trucks, used trailers for heavy duty trucks and heavy duty machinery.

Types of used trailers or for parts :

  • Closed
  • Flat bed
  • Dumper
  • Tank
  • Refuse/garbage
  • Concrete mixer
  • Roll-off
  • Beverage
  • Container trailer
  • Carhaul


Used heavy duty trucks / used trailers/ used heavy duty machinery.

1 (888) 622-5489


Boïtes de camions lourds - Camion dompeur

  • Boîte camion nacelle
  • Boîte camion à rebuts
  • Boîte camion citerne
  • Boîte fermée de camion
  • Bétonnière de camion
  • Plate-forme de camion
  • Boîte « dompeuse » (dumper)
  • Boîte saleuse ou épandeuse
  • Boîte remorqueuse (towing)
  • Roll-off
  • Boîte pour le transport de boissons


Équipement de camions lourds - Grue articulée

  • Grue articulée
  • Grue fixe (boom truck)
  • Génératrice
  • Compresseur
  • Équipements à neige
  • etc.
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