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A one stop shop for your multiple projects!

For more than 20 years , the LUSSIER Group and its multidisciplinary team have collaborated closely with a large number of Shool Boards and Professional Truck-Mechanic Schools. Pub 8.5x11 - Haut 2

The experts at our three divisions offer a personalized support to the heads of projects and teachers of their Educationnal programs. With the LUSSIER Group, they have access to a complete range of products and services in the trucking industry.

The experience of our specialists insures an instant comprehension of your requirements as well as an incredibly flexible and quick response. We also offer a high level technical support for the design and special assembly design for all of your projects destined for educational purposes.

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With the LUSSIER Group behind the scene, education takes the spotlight!

Our first goal is to precisely respond to your requirements, your technical specifications and to your safety standards , for all the educational situations of your training programs while staying inside your budget. We offer you for instance :

  • A large amount of parts, equipment and training benches of all makes, and of all the models that are specificly assembled for students, on top of being prepared and delivered according to your needs.
    1. Hydraulic and electrohydraulic training specialized equipment assembly.Détroit
    2. New or used complete motor/transmission kits or cross-section views.
    3. New or used transmissions, clutches and complete power steering systems.
    4. New or used diesel engines, mounted on a test bench, with a starting control board and integrated problem simulator.
    5. New, recycled or damaged truck cabins, complete or modified accordind to your requirements.
    6. Reduced to scale brake system test bench, with problems simulator.
    7. New, rebuilt or recycled truck parts of all makes.
  • A complete range of truck and trailers of all kinds, whether they are new, used, out-of-order, damaged or specificly assembled for your projects or according to your specifications.

THE SOLUTION for all your Professional Truck-Mechanic School needs.

The LUSSIER Group reprensents THE SOLUTION for all the needs of a Professional Truck Doc3 Mechanic School in terms of specialized support, truck supply, parts and equipment as part of the diesel mechanic course and program. Doc3

This is why we are the Quebec School Boards main partner for the design and creating of equipments to develop and improve the knowledge of the futur mechanics in the trucking industry.

Contributing to training the trucking industry successors.

Let’s also mention that we are happy to greet students and the teaching staff for guided visits at our installations. Furthermore, know that we continually integrate interns to our activities, in partnership with many school boards. Lets also add that the LUSSIER Group participates in many events of the educational field , like exhibitions, presentations, symposiums, and specialized shows.

Contact us without delay for your training activities, your intern programs, and for all your needs in trucks, truck parts, equipment or for any special project assembly that you require.

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Marc Guertin, sales representative

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