Expert recycler of heavy vehicles


Specializing in recycled medium and heavy duty trucks, LUSSIER – Truck Center gives its priority to   respecting the environment throughout every step of its commercial activities, first by proceeding to the removal of any polutants in the truck before dismantling it and then, by recuperating all of its components to give them another life.

LUSSIER- Truck Center has a very impressive inventory; whether it is for engines, transmissions, carriers or a wide selection of parts, cabins, body components, used or new tires, or a complete truck for its parts, whatever repair or maintenance needed by any of your heavy duty vehicles.  Its huge 51 000 square foot warehouse and its 7 kilometer s of outsise inventory are filled with an aboudant supply of parts, for all makes and models of trucks, trailers and heavy duty machinery.

Year after year, the LUSSIER – Truck Center team processes more than 2 500 vehicles (medium and heavy duty trucks, trailers, machinery). They analyze each component from all these vehicles, in order to assure its customers the most satisfying level of quality. 

At every step of the way, the company prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction in all its work procedures.  It has given itself a quality control program for products and services in order to make sure, whenever possible, that every customer is satisfied with the service received. The objective, is to give you the help you need and guarantee that your heavy duty vehicle gets back on the road, as fast as possible.

In order to make your life easier, LUSSIER Truck Center's experienced mechanics also offer you, an efficient installation service of all major parts. Whatever your commercial activities or needs, when you are looking for the  installation of an engine, transmission, carriers, tandem cut off, or vanbody, do not hesitate to call on the services of our team. 

Our team of experts offers you an outstanding customer service, and guides you towards the best solutions to satisfy all your needs while staying within your budget.  The support given by our team, the great variety of parts available as well as  the fast  and efficient pick-up and delivery service, help us make the lives of our customers considerably easier. 

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