Expert recycler of heavy vehicles


Founded in 1967, LUSSIER – Truck Center, has been a pioneer in the Quebec heavy duty industry. This family owned company, specializing in recycled heavy duty parts and vehicles  was built and developped on human values held by its founder and  members of management.  Since the very beginning, values like integrity, respect and the well being of its staff, as well as customer satisfaction, have been at the heart of all its activities.

LUSSIER – Truck Center also gives its priority to respecting the environment throughout every step of its commercial activities. Before dismanteling the vehicle, its team first proceeds with the removal of any polutants, It then continues, by recuperating all of the components, to give them a second life, thus minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

LUSSIER-Truck Center has an impressive inventory for any repair or maintenance of heavy duty vehicles , including, engines, transmissions, carriers, a wide selection of parts, cabs, vanbody components, used or new tires, or a complete truck for its parts. Its huge 51 000 square foot warehouse and its 7 kilometers of outside roads are filled with an aboundant supply of parts for all makes and models of trucks, trailers and heavy duty machinery.

LUSSIER – Truck Center not only offers first quality used parts to its truck owner customers, but also to transport companies, brokers, and repair shops. Furthermore it can offer rebuilt and aftermarket parts.

Many other services are offered by their heavy duty truck team of experts,  specifically  installation of major parts (engines, moteurs, transmissions, carriers, vanbodies), and an unprecedented efficiency for delivering heavy duty  truck parts here, as well as, the export of  truck parts and trucks to be used for parts, around the world.

At LUSSIER- Truck Center, you will find a HUGE AMOUNT OF QUALITY PARTS for medium and heavy duty trucks!

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