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A SELF-SERVICE for heavy duty truck parts

LUSSIER – Truck Center offers you a new and unique service in Quebec, a self-serve for heavy duty parts. This service is ideal for those of you wanting to put a little elbow grease at work in order to find parts at a very low cost. You will find :

  • A large quantity of parts for all makes of trucks at the best prices on the market.
  • Hundreds of trucks, cabs and parts ready to be dismantled.
  • Someone on site, to assist you, for the large and heavy parts that are more difficult to handle.

There are no entry fees. You dismantel, you pay and you carry it away. What could be more simple!

Truck owners, brokers, repair shop owners, will all find great deals. It is also a good solution for exporting truck parts.

You are all welcomed!

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